Saturday, January 26, 2013

Determining Topic to Research (week 2)

After careful consideration and with the support of my Administrator, I have decided to do my action research on our ever growing Latino Population and their Needs.  This will allow me to better understand our school demographics, as well as providing the services needed to assist in their success.  I am really looking forward to my findings and wish to share with those who may have the same situation at their schools.  Vamos con todo!! (Bring it!)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

How can Educational Leaders use blogs?

How can an Educational Leader use a Blog? 

One of the most powerful practices in our professional development has been blogging about our thoughts and experiences being principals... an educational blog is an online posting of your professional thoughts, questions, or experiences at a Website which others can read and leave a response. (Dana, 2009)  This statement depicts the benefit of an Educational Leader becoming a blogger and using it to their advantage.  Not only can one share out own personal experiences in a particular setting, but leaders can find solutions and ideas that others have encountered and overcome.

Action Research 101! (Description)

Action Research? What is THIS you might as yourself? How does it pertain to me? Other than just defining the term I would like to help you internalize this concept and process how it can make a difference in your educational setting.  Action research is not just an informal observation conducted from an outside source that dictates and questions your every move.  No, on the contrary, action research is the direct involvment of you and other practicioners in the development, analysis, and implementation of solutions to pressing concerns at your school.  There is definitely not one way to solving a problem, as there is not one exact school environment from another.  Even within the same school district, each campus has its own educational setting and culture that should be embraced not altered by an outsider.  Thus, a practioner, such as the schools instructional leaders, teachers, administrators, and pricipal play an important role in the research and implementation.  Action research is as simple as defining an issue to study, reviewing professional literature, taking action, and using and sharing results. (Ringler, 2007) So, is this just another fad that will eventually die out and never have a true impact in our schools? Absolutely not! Action Research is just the improvement of self-reflection and improvement in our schools and communities.  This is the pivoting point where we all participate in the improvement and success of our educational setting for years to come!