Saturday, February 2, 2013

School Improvement Action Research Plan

Lorena Hernandez
School Improvement Project
Plan of Action

SCHOOL VISION: Our SISD School is dedicated to offering the best education focusing on student achievement for all students. Hurshel Antwine educators are highly qualified and work to ensure all students, including special populations such as low-income, bilingual, special education and military students, have the best resources and instruction to succeed. Our District has a long tradition of success and continues “Building on Excellence” so that all students are college and career-ready when they graduate from SISD schools.
GOAL: To address several aspects of our ever-growing Latino population in our campus to include: studying habits, preparation for school, and life at home, and how these aspects affect their performance in school.  By addressing their needs, our goal is to create an increase in their performance as well as engaging them (with their families) to become lifelong learners.

Study Habits
Monitor student use of agendas to keep log of study habits.

Agenda sheets provided to students from teachers, where they will monitor their homework assignments and completion of tasks.

Focus Group Classroom Teacher -
Mrs. Serrano

Feb – April 2013
Evaluate the use of time and management of school work and studying habits as they relate to their performance in class.

Preparedness for school
After – school outreach/ tutoring

Intervention activities to assist students who are struggling, and are considered Tier 3.

Lorena Hernandez
Feb – April 2013

STAAR test in April

Family engagement in child’s education
Latino Family Literacy Project
LFLP products already in school/ along with support by volunteers to assist with project as this will take place afterschool.
Lorena Hernandez – Instr. Coach

Bertha Arsola 
-School Librarian

Haydee Duran
 – Instr. Coach
10 week program to begin in Feb 2013
After 10 week period, evaluate student progress in school as correlation to their parent/guardian participation in this literacy program.

Report and Dissemination of SIP/PIP Findings, Implications and Recommendations:
I will be sharing my findings and research through the use of the blog created in this course.  This will enable others to understand the process of the research and the findings that become available as time progresses.  I will be providing background information of how the research came about and what was important as pertaining to our particular campus.  Also, sharing the design of the inquiry will be important as it will be as Dana states, “sharing your system as well as your intentions.”  Another task would be to state the learning and supporting the statements with data.  There is nothing more valuable than to back up your learning with the use of data and how it is being affected by your learning.  Finally, providing concluding thoughts will be as Dana says, “the answers to the initial questions posed by the inquiry study.”  This will entail generating future wonderings that could begin a whole new research in itself.

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  1. I think your goal is written perfectly and includes the three major areas that impact student learning; study habits, preparedness for school, and life at home. Your three activities seem very appropriate and are geared to attaining your goal.