Saturday, March 30, 2013

Progress of Action Research - March, 2013

My action research has driven our current need to address our Latino Population.  We have been working together for over two months on the implementation and progress of this program.  We have been providing a Literacy Awareness to our Latino families every week and have seen participation increase as the program continues.  The student are becoming familiar with expectations of our research and are being monitored through school data on unit assessments as well as the state mandated test STAAR.

Parents have been given resources, such as books, cameras, and binders, to monitor their progress at home and build their own family album.  Each parent was provided with a book that is in both English and Spanish.  These books are to be read to their child in their native language (Spanish) and in turn their children also read the book to their parents in English.

Throughout the research, there have been obstacles that have been presented as time goes by.  These obstacles may have caused some deviation from the original plan, but have not hindered its outcome.  Parents and students are becoming more involved in the education and responsibilities of their own success. This will create a long term effect of being actively involved and conscious of the needs of their English Language Learner. 

I hope to continue with this progress and success, as our Latino population is increasing constantly!  That their families may see the benefit of being a part of their education, and that we may overcome all the barriers that may present themselves in the near future.  Students are to know how important and valuable it is to be bilingual. 

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